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Writing Fellows are student peer editors, who staff the Writing Center (Barnard 223 & 224) and who will work with English 3181 throughout the semester. We do not grade or assess your work; we are trained to help you figure out what it is you are trying to say or argue in a paper, and how to express your ideas clearly. The Writing Fellow you are assigned to will work with you all semester, on your prospectus, annotated bibliography and final paper. She will meet with you twice during the semester to discuss your two assignments. If you would like to make additional appointments with your assigned fellow or with another fellow, you will find the Writing Center appointment hours at www.barnard.edu/writing.
Katy Lasell - ksl2132@barnard.edu
Katy's students:

Chris Miles
Lilly Mudge
Kelly Reller
Jordana Roat
Haley Shoeck
Daniela Trapani
Buddy Travers
Maria Velez
Michelle Waters
Dorcas Yip
Katy's conference page
Ally Engelberg - afe2105@barnard.edu

Ally's students:

Heidy Garcia
Marsha Jellef
Lauren Lantry
Rachel Liebert
Klaudia Long
Sofia Lyons
Scout MacEachron
Julia Malykh
Amelia Marran-Baden
Ally's conference page
Takesha Graham - tag2131@barnard.edu

Takesha's students:

Amanda Breen
Natalie Candela
Elena Céspedes
Rachel Cohen
Sophie DenUyl
Annie Diamond
Elizabeth Dresser-Kluchman
Heather Floyd
NJ Friedman
Takesha's conference page